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Live the Life Podcast with Toni Mattson

Toni Mattson

How can I feel closer to God? How can I feel inspired, encouraged, and fulfilled? How do I create more space in my day to live a life that really matters? A life with purpose and meaning? How do I create my peace and protect it? How can I grow personally and spiritually? 

If these questions roam in your beautiful brain, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Live the Life is a practical, roll-up-your sleeves, workshop-style podcast for women who yearn to live a more meaningful life. Each weekly episode is packed with how-to, step-by-step strategies to create the life you’re dying to live. 

Empowering women to rediscover their passion, redefine what matters, and recapture time to live a life of purpose is MY passion.

I’m a Midwest gal, a speaker, writer, encourager, a peace-claimer, change-maker, and lover of all things God, family, horses and hope. I’m a founder of Trinity Equestrian Center - Wisconsin’s Leader in Equine Assisted Therapy, specializing in veterans with PTSD.

For two decades, I’ve traveled the US and Canada appearing as a panelist, guest, and key-note speaker on radio, TV and Podcast programs. I’ve spoken at colleges, seminaries, churches, at international conferences, and business development workshops. I’ve testified four times before the WI State Senate and Committee on Veteran Affairs on behalf of veterans with PTSD.

I encourage women to fearlessly ask the provocative question – "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life on?" And then I go about helping them answer and achieve it. No matter your season in life, what you do, or what you hope to do – I want this podcast to be for you!

We’ll cover topics like: faith, growth, peace, life, death, clarity, simplicity, health, purpose, Veterans, and oh my gosh — so much more! We’ll dive deep into things that bring value to our lives, help us focus and flourish, and set us up to live the life God created us for. And every last episode of the month is Q&A Day, where I invite you to send in their burning questions. I’m so excited you’re on this ride with me! So Mount Up ~ Put your heels into ‘er… this is the  “Live the Life” Podcast!